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I am a 20-something woman embarking on the journey of a lifetime to lose the weight that has been holding me down, and holding me back from enjoying my life to its fullest.

July 26, 2010

Victory is mine!

I am so proud of myself today! I managed to stay within my ideal calorie range, as well as the other important nutrients I'm tracking daily, plus I had a great workout! Go me! I find it much easier to plan my meals ahead and put them all into my nutrition tracker at the beginning of the day. That way I can see my calories for the day before I've actually eaten them. It's very freeing because I don't have to worry about it as long as I stick to my plan. Now I'm looking up recipes on Spark Recipes to make for the rest of this week's dinners. All the nutrition facts are there so I can plan my whole day for tomorrow, right now. I'm starting to like these changes :)

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