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I am a 20-something woman embarking on the journey of a lifetime to lose the weight that has been holding me down, and holding me back from enjoying my life to its fullest.

July 23, 2010

Day One...sort of

I ate as I normally do today, to kind of gauge where I'm at as far as meeting my nutritional needs and such. I'm good with carbs, protein, fat, etc., but with calories...that's a different ball game altogether. I ate well over 2000 calories today, while my dietary needs are 1350-1700. Ouch! But now at least I know what I'm doing wrong and I can fix it.

I went to Trader Joe's today to pick up some healthy fare for this weekend/next week. I got some organic hummus and some Kashi TLC crackers...DELICIOUS for a snack, some BabyBel light cheese, Laughing Cow light (I love cheese!), and some stuff to makes salads for lunches at work next week. I picked up some natural, pre-cooked chicken breast that I will use to give myself a protein kick, some grape tomatoes, baby spinach, and lettuce. I have some sort of light dressing...Italian I think...and voila! A perfect meal...with some BabyBel on the side of course! Dinners are a bit more challenging. This weekend we're having spaghetti with extra lean ground beef and organic spaghetti sauce (marinara), and grilled chicken breast with rice and sauteed veggies. Yumm-o! Tonight we had TJ's jumbo cheese ravioli, which put me way over on my calories because I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Today I indulged, tomorrow I really start watching myself and counting things BEFORE I eat them :)

Over all, I'm feeling very confident about sticking to a plan this time and hitting my goal...hopefully surpassing it. I do have an iron will when I truly want something, and I want to be healthy more than anything right now. I CAN DO IT!

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